Why is My Pet Licking Their Paws?

Pets usually lick their paws excessively if they are




Possible medical causes include:

1. INJURY > such as a cut, a foreign object stuck in the paw pad, insect bite, or heat injury from walking on a hot surface

2. GROWTH > cyst or tumor > you may not be able to see this visually

3. ALLERGIES* > very common > allergies often cause itching & irritation so dogs lick for relief

4. INFECTION > often occur secondary to allergies > continuous licking causes a moist environment perfect for bacteria and yeast overgrowth

5. ARTHRITIS > consider if your dog is older than 6

6. PARASITES > external parasites such as fleas or mange can make the paws very itchy


Take a close look at the paws, looking for cuts, foreign objects, broken nails, bleeding, swelling, scabs, discharge, and anything else that looks abnormal.

Consult your vet. They will find and treat the underlying issue.

Remember not to scold your pet’s for licking their paws, but instead remember there is a reason why they are licking.

If medical causes are ruled out, then it may be that your pet is licking their paws for behavioral reasons. It may be as simple as boredom that has turned into a habit, or more likely, a sign of stress, fear or anxiety.

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