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Why AskVetMD?

Live Chats with Experienced Ivy League Trained Veterinarians

Our veterinarians are available 7 days per week to answer questions regarding your pet's health and behavior, and offer comprehensive triage support via live one-on-one chat.

Convenient & Affordable

Avoid uneccessary trips to the vet that cause you and your pet stress. We address your concerns from the comfort of your home for just $19.99/session or $24.99/month, which is much less than a vet visit! 

We Are Multilingual

Our vets are fluent in many languages including English, Spanish & Portuguese.

Make Better Decisions

Our veterinarians offer triage support to help determine the severity of the situation and advise you on best next steps.

Upload Photos & Videos

Send our veterinarians photos and videos of your pet during your chat in order to provide them with a better understanding of what your pet is experiencing.

Save Money

The majority of pet concerns can be addressed without a trip to the vet. AskVetMD can potentially save you thousands in unnecessary vet & emergency visits.

Make A Difference

Together we can make a difference! In an effort to work towards an end to animal suffering & abuse, a portion of our earnings are donated to The Humane Society of the United States.


How Does it Work?

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Choose the right plan for you & sign up. You will receive a confirmation email.

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Tell us about your pet and your concern.

Chat with a Licensed Veterinarian

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At AskVetMD, we strive to help pet parents make educated decisions regarding their pet's medical and behavioral issues and provide them with factual information to optimize their pet’s health.

Our veterinarians are here to answer your questions

Examples of common questions

My dog just ate a brownie. Is this an emergency?

My pet has diarrhea. What should I do? 

My cat started urinating outside of the litter box. Why could this be? 

My dog is trembling. Should I be concerned?

How can I train my puppy to stop nipping at me? 


My dog keeps licking her paws. Is this normal?


Pet Parents Recommend

Don D.

“Dr. Ruiz helped me in my time of need. During COVID-19 quarantine, I was unable to see my regular vet. Dr. Ruiz put my mind at ease, and helped me make the best decision for managing Bernie's condition from home.”

Alex R.

“Highly Recommend! My older dog began having some behavioral issues and 

AskVetMD helped me better understand why! We discussed next steps and with the monthly plan I can check in regularly!”

Krista R.

“This service is everything. Seriously do not turn to the Internet and try to guess what is going on with your pet or what the cure might be. This is the perfect virtual service that handled my concern quickly, professionally, and with feedback I know I can trust. And it was especially perfect during this [COVID-19] quarantine. Seriously 

cannot recommend enough. Check them out if your pet is your person!"

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